Electronics Recycling

Electronic products are made of valuable resources and materials, including metals which require energy to manufacture. Recycling electronics conserves our natural resources and avoids air and water pollution. Recycling one million laptops saves enough electricity to power 3,500 homes a year. Recycling one million cell phones saves 35,000 pounds of copper, 772 pounds of silver, and 75 pounds of gold. Before recycling your electronics, delete all personal information. Our program will delete all information on your hard drive for free as a courtesy to you. Call for details. Electronic items recycled by our Keokuk, Iowa program includes but is not limited to the following items.

No older TV's.

Flat panel tv

Monitors with computer




Cell Phones

Stereo Equipment

Hair Dryers

Alarm Clocks


Small Appliances


Power Tools


Air Conditioners

Most Items That Contains a Cord or a Battery.

Call 319-795-3825 today to schedule collection or drop off of your electronics in Keokuk, Iowa or Hamilton, Illinois.